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Welcome to the Timeless Labs wiki, created for the express purpose of testing out the Timeless skin in any way you can think of. So feel free to do whatever to it and edit and create anything you want to see, but do bear in mind some extensions may be missing or misconfigured. If you find anything, or have any issues, please let me know!

Timeless is a new skin based on the existing layouts of MonoBook and Vector, but designed after the Winter prototype by Brandon Harris as well as various styles by the Wikimedia Foundation, with a more modern, flexible appearance and responsive layout. This skin has been going through the review queue in preparation for eventual deployment to Wikimedia projects, but in its current state, it is very basic in its feature set and support for other extensions and does not serve as a significant improvement, if any, over the existing skins.

You are encouraged to create a local account, as this it will prevent you from seeing a series of very stupid questions every time you create a page.

Please note that all contributions must be made with the implicit understanding that nothing is secure, that everything is in flux, this is not production, and all content may be lost at any point. There is no privacy policy. The Cabal were drunk when they read the Terms of Use, assuming they were even the correct terms of use, which they probably weren't. Reliability is not a priority, and in extreme cases, database errors may occur. This is not a Wikimedia project. There is no Cabal. Cat sightings are misdirection. Neither the Cabal nor the Wikimedia Foundation take responsibility for any cat-related injuries that may occur at wpx-timeless-01 forwarding agent internal error f8dgy6m. Incidents may be reported at the kiosk, if you can find it, and if you can convince either the Cabal or the Wikimedia Foundation that this exists, as they have not yet been informed. Deploying countermeasures smokescreen. Plausible deniability effects in action. Sanctions queued. Jobs scheduled. There is no Cabal. Repeat: there is no Cabal.